Friday, September 30, 2016


5 simple steps to follow

  1. Grab a Shoe boxOr a plastic container would be great! Wrap the box and lid separately with Christmas paper
  2. Print Label and choose who you want to give your Christmas Shoebox to and what age.
  3. Fill the boxGet as creative as you like and have some fun with this ! – You can use our 4 W’s as a rough guide
  4. Close the box
    • Include €4 in your leaflet envelope either on top of the gifts or taped to the inside of the lid.
    • To make it easier you can
      donate your €4 on our secure on-line site.
    • With elastic band – please don’t seal with tape as we need to check contents to comply with regulations.
  5. Drop it offTo your local drop off point closest to you
    before November 11th

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